Saturday, November 21, 2015

Split Theme Cake Design! Monster High and Skylander Cake

double theme cake design monster high skylander

Skylander Cake + Monster High Cake

Here's a cake with a split theme design! I been seeing these cakes with double designs and been wanting to do one. This mom was planning a combined birthday party for her two children, and had originally wanted cupcakes with half of them Monster High and half with Skylander.  Last minute, she said she really wanted a cake made by me and asked if it's possible to put the 2 theme together. I said of course it's doable! :)

The top of the cake is Crusher from Skylander and Draculaura from Monster High. These two characters are the sibling's favorite from the shows. I made the bottom of the cake half of each theme.

split theme cake design draculaura skylander

Both Crusher and Draculaura are made out of gumpaste.

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  1. Yummy cake and the great presentation man. How beautiful is this and how perfect is the cake man. You have done a great job. Thanks for the share