Sunday, July 19, 2015

How To Use Tappit Cutters, Letters and Numbers. - Fondant Decorating DIY

how to get fondant letters out of tappits tutorial cutters

Tappit Cutters! Pros... I love the font, some cake designs look better overall with the tappit cutters lowercase or upper case.  Cons... they can be intimidating to use, many times I hear of bakers (from all sorts of skill levels) have trouble using them. I remember wanting to pull my hair out the first time I tried to use them. It happens to all of us!

What makes tappit cutters challenging to use, is how skinny the fondant letters and numbers are.  They can be easily twisted and deformed by the slightest touch.  Tweezers, exacto knives and toothpicks don't seem to help.

I've tried many different methods of getting fondant letters out, here I'm gonna show you the best, easiest, fastest way in getting the fondant letters out.

The trick is to have your fondant rolled very thin and air dry it a bit.  So roll it as thin as you can, and then let it sit for a few minutes.  It won't work if your fondant is too soft or sticky.  So if you just colored your fondant, let it air out for a few minutes.

I find the more stiff and dry the fondant is, the easier it is for me to get the fondant letters and numbers out.

I've made a tutorial video showing you how I do it, watch it here:

How to get fondant letters out of tappit cutters

1. Roll out the fondant as thin is you can, it needs to be thinner than the height of the cutter (which isn't very high of course).

2. Dust the cutter with cornstarch and powder sugar mix.
(While working with fondant, I have a bowl with half powder sugar and half cornstarch mixed together. I use it to powder the area/cutters/rolling pin to prevent fondant from sticking.)

3. Press the letter cutter firmly into the fondant, then press onto it and 'rub' it back and forth a bit, this would ensure it's pressed all the way through and the extra fondant is cut off.

4. If there's any extra fondant, for example, the negative spaces in a letter B or O, or P etc.. use a toothpick or exacto knife to pick it out.

5. Form a fist with your hand, place the fist behind the cutter and tap the cutter against the edge of a table.

6. The letter or number should pop right out.

how to use tappits cutters tutorial step by step guide

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how to get fondant out of tappits cutter tutorial step by step


  1. OMG thank you thank you thank you.. this is the best tutorial by far.

  2. I can't believe that acter 6 years making cakes I have learned how to use these letters! Thanks a lot!

  3. I can't believe that acter 6 years making cakes I have learned how to use these letters! Thanks a lot!

  4. Thank you. I have these cutters, but I didn't know how to use them. Thank you for the great tutorial

  5. That is great but there is an easier way. Roll out the fondant thinly, place saran wrap over the top and cut through the wrap. No letters or numbers sticking in the cutters.

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