Friday, April 3, 2015

Cute Fondant Cake Designs by TheCakingGirl

fastfood hamburger fries cake

Hamburger and French Fries Cake! How cute is this :) That smiley face makes that much cuter!

Gumpaste rose bouquet cake.

pretty gumpaste flowers cake

cute superhero cupcakes, batman cupcake, thor cupcake, spiderman cupcake

 The cutest superhero cupcake toppers ever! Had so much fun making these! Superhero cupcakes for the comic book fanatics.

louis vuitton purse cake, lv bag cake

A Louis Vuitton purse bag.  This is a LV speedy purse made with fondant.

Pink girly Miffy cake.  

Corné Port-Royal chocolate cake, wine bottle cake

Wine bottle and Corne Port-Royal Chocolate Cake.

wine bottle cake


  1. This is epic!i just love the cake you made it is so amazing. It will take a lot of hard work but it is worth all the hard work.The butterfly is also really good!the cake is inspired by such an amazing story!

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