Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sewing Theme Cake!

pretty sewing theme cake

Yesterday was my mom's birthday! My sister and I went over to my parent's place and we made dinner for our family, and of course, I made her a cake to surprise her.  My mom likes to sew and always made clothing for us when we were kids, so I made her a sewing theme cake.  

The funny thing was, when my gramma saw the sewing theme cake, her first reaction was: "Is that too little fabric? She's gonna be cold. And skanky." Lol, it's just a sewing theme cake, and I don't even know how to sew... but I still got a little lecture on how a woman should dress anyway. Promised her I'll use more fabric IF I ever decide to sew a dress haha.

But no, I tried sewing before, couldn't do it, wouldn't do it again lol.

My mommy with the cake, she turned 58, doesn't she look great!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy!! <3

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  1. That cake looks really amazing and I know it will taste amazing too. I just love the design and its perfect for someone who is in the field. Happy birthday to you.