Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fondant Christmas Light Cake Tutorial!

I made this Christmas cake yesterday for my daughter's grade 5 class. When I picked her up afterschool, 
she told me her teacher and classmates loved it, the kids who had a wooden dowel in their slice of cake, 
lined up at the sink to wash them clean so they can keep it and take it home! HAHA! So cute!

       Here's my fondant Christmas Lights Tutorial!

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how to make fondant christmas lights cake tutorial
How to make Fondant Christmas Light Cake Tutorial
(click to enlarge)

How to make fondant Christmas lights

1. You'll need: 
-colored fondant (any color your want your lights and wire to be)
-clay extruder (optional)
-exacto knife
-circle cutter

2. Roll the piece of fondant into a long shape, try to make it even. It can be as small or thick as you want, it will determine the size of the light bulbs.

3. Use the exacto knife and mark where you will cut. Try to evenly space them, so every clump is the same size, it'll ensure all your light bulbs are the same size.

4. Roll the cut fondant into a teardrop shape, or oval shape, however you want your light bulb shape to be.

5. Make the rest of the light bulbs, and do it for your other colored fondants too.

6. Use the exacto knife to cut the bottom of the bulb, this would create a small flat surface area. It would make it easier to glue to the green fondant in step 8.

7. Roll out the green fondant and use a circle cutter that would be a good size for the bulbs. 

8. Glue the bulb and the green part together with water or edible glue.

9. Repeat for all the colored light bulbs.

10. Use the clay extruder to make the green cord. If the clay is hard/dry, it'll come out with rough edges, try warming it in your palm or knead shortening in if this happens.

11. Wrap the green cord around the cake. This method is better than piping green royal icing onto the cake, unless you have super steady hands.  Piping a straight line, on the side of a cake is really hard!

12. Use water or edible glue and wet the surface of the cake you plan on attaching the light bulb to, poke a toothpick in and let a tiny bit of it to stick out for the bulb.

13-16. Stick the bulb into the toothpick. The toothpick should be partially in the bulb to secure it in place.  You can stick it with the bulb facing up or down (it's facing down on my cake), you can also make it stick up and down alternating.  

Don't forget to remind the ppl there's toothpicks in the fondant light bulb before serving :)

Happy caking!



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