Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fondant Olaf Figurine Tutorial

how to make olaf figurine tutorial

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my site! I've put together an Olaf figurine tutorial video here,
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how to make frozen olaf figurine, gumpaste

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Olaf Figurine Tutorial, how to make Olaf!

1. Materials you'll need: 
- white fondant
- small clump of black fondant
- small clump of orange fondant
- small clump of brown fondant
- ball tip tool or you can use back of a paint brush
- exacto knife
- 3 toothpicks
- small roller
- thin paint brush
- edible blue color
- tylose or gumpaste powder (not shown in pic, oops!)
 you'll need to knead this into the fondant before starting

2. Make white fondant into Olaf's head shape. I used the small roller and pressed that on for the top of his head, and also below his nose, to make his middle nose part more prominent. I used the tip of the roller to push in the 2 indents on both sides of his well as well. Flat part of the roller can flat/smooth the sides of his mouth.

3. Exacto knife to create the smile.

4. Use the exacto knife and cut out the smile.  It's okay if the cut isn't perfectly smooth/flat.

5. Use a ball tip tool or the back of a paint brush, and flatten the fondant inside the mouth opening.

6. Roll out a thin piece of black fondant and cut it into the shape of his mouth.

7. Add water for it to stick on, then use the ball tip tool or back of paintbrush and smooth out the black fondant. 

8. Roll out a small piece of white fondant, place a plastic wrap over and use a small circle cutter to cut the eyes. The plastic wrap will smooth out the circle into a dome shape rather than a flat coin shape.

9. Glue the eyes down with water.

10. Dilute the blue color gel with a few drops of water, or vodka or lemon extract. Paint around the eyes a small border of blue.

11. With black fondant, place eye balls and eye lid onto his eyes.  For the eyelids, I pinch a but of black fondant and roll it really thin with my fingers.

12. Roll really thin brown fondant with your fingers, for eyebrows.

13. Roll really thin brown fondant into a rectangular shape. add some water inside and place a toothpick in the center. Fold the fondant over and make a straight cut beside the tooth pick.  Roll a bit of brown fondant into a thin V shape and glue it on as fingers.

14. Use white fondant to create the body parts.

15. Use black fondant and make the 3 buttons. Let the pieces dry for at least an hour to let them harden before assembling. Assemble the body parts together with a tooth pick in the core and leave a bit of tooth pick sticking out at the top of the body to add the head on.

Happy Caking everyone! <3


  1. HI my name is arpi - email is aoughorian@gmail.com. Can you make one of these for me? Id love to buy for my nephews cake.

  2. HI my name is arpi - email is aoughorian@gmail.com. Can you make one of these for me? Id love to buy for my nephews cake.

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