Friday, September 26, 2014

Frozen Cupcakes Fail Post on

funny cupcake fail

I just saw an online article at with my Frozen cupcake photo. (Article here: Click! )

 My photo is the 'before' pic and the 'after' pic is made by another baker.

This lady had used my photo to request an order from a baker in her area, and unfortunately, she didn't get the exact design I made. :( This is why you need to be careful when you order cakes. Whether they work out of home or they are in a store, sometimes people need more practice before they start to doing it professionally (selling to customers). Look through their online portfolio and see if they 'steal' cake photos from other bakers. When their photo album has cake photos with other people's watermark, that's a huge sign they're stolen! Also, look at reviews on the side of the page, some Facebook Pages offer reviews.

I understand that everyone starts somewhere, I always encourage beginner bakers as I'm self taught myself.  But it's really unfair for people to receive products that's not close to what they had requested for. This baker has potential, but she needs to be honest with her skill level.  The first year I made cakes, I made A LOT of free cakes to practice.

(I also wanna point out 2 things I disagree with the article though.... 1) Not everything ordered from Facebook is crummy  and 2) there are very brilliant, talented, famous male bakers as well!)


  1. Too funny! Buyer beware - be sure to confirm what you will be getting and never assume!

    Be sure to let me know when you are open for business! =)

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