Friday, July 4, 2014

Classic Winnie The Pooh Cake!

classic winnie the pooh cake

Making a Classic Winnie The Pooh cake! It's entirely edible and handmade by me :)
The mom left the design entirely up to me, she's throwing a Classic Winnie The Pooh themed birthday
party for her little girl who's turning 2. I tried googling around for ideas and inspirations, I didn't find much 
Classic Winnie The Pooh cakes out there.  I really liked the images I saw on google, that pages from 
the story books and decided to create a story-book-page-like cake! 

 classic winnie the pooh fondant cake

I started off with a 3 tier cake covered in white fondant. The cake board is covered as well.

pretty winnie the pooh cake

I painted the colors on just like the story book style, with lemon extract and color gels.

gumpaste edible piglet figurine

Making fondant Piglet, he's holding a bouquet of roses for the birthday girl.

Here's Winnie The Pooh. My printer ran out of ink so I had to reply on 
my ipad for reference.  I found a Winnie The Pooh posing similar to what I had envisioned.

 mini cake tutorial 

Adding in the details. Pooh is gonna bring a cake to the birthday party!

beautiful winnie the pooh cake

My cake is complete. I love how this cake tells a story!

 beautiful winnie the pooh cake fondant


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