Friday, November 15, 2013

Kung Fu Panda Cake!

Hello! I'm not gonna have internet access for several days, I'm travelling to Hong Kong with my family :)
Just wanna do a quick update before I go! 


I made this cake back in April, but had just recently uploaded the picture onto my computer and watermarked it :) Here it is, this is probably my favorite cake design this year...

This cake was made for baby Ella Rose for her 100th day celebration, her mommy
had asked me to make a cake that's Kung Fu Panda theme and incorporate roses with it somehow,
 so I chose my favorite scene from the movie, where Po is training with his chopsticks.. instead of buns, he's training with roses. I thought the cherry blossom and sunset would look great.  I'm so glad the cake design had turned out!

beautiful girly kungfu panda cake

best kungfu panda cake

kungfu panda theme cake for girl

Love, Joey


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  2. You are so amazing and talented :3
    I follow you on Snapeee and was showing my mom some of the cakes you did
    Specifically a purse. I asked her

    "Mom, what do you think this is"
    and my mom says "It's a shoe and a purse"
    "Do you see the cake?"
    "What cake? There is no cake?"

    lol XD she is utterly amazed by your work as well and now she wants to order cakes from you. So I looked you up online to see if you lived anywhere near, but I don't think you do :3

    Anyway, you're very inspirational especially being self-taught :D

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