Saturday, September 7, 2013

CANDY CRUSH CUPCAKES! Time Lapse Cake Video!


candycrush cupcake toppers

I can get addicted to new Iphone apps and Facebook games easily! I remember being addicted to Angry Birds, Cooking Mama, Temple Run, Draw Something on Facebook, and Cafe World on Facebook. I was reeeally addicted to Cafe World lol. I remember playing that during my classes.. not paying attention to the teacher at all lol. It was the only way to stay awake in class haha.

Right now I'm addicted to Candy Crush! I play that on my Iphone everywhere.. at home, at work, in the It's been my longest Facebook game, I can't seem to get bored of it. :)

It also doesn't help when EVERYONE in my family is addicted to Candy Crush too. 

My daughter loves the game, so this year for her birthday.. I went to her school, and surprised her with Candy Crush Cupcakes!! I had everything set up during recess, 
my daughter and her entire class LOVED IT!

best candycrush cupcakes how to

cute candycrush cupcakes thecakinggirl

how to make candy crush cupcakes tutorial

how to make candy crush cupcakes diy

Here's a Time Lapse Video of myself making the
 Candy Crush Cupcakes! :)

candy crush birthday cupcakes 

She was really shy when they sang Happy Birthday haha!


Handing out the Candy Crush Cupcakes :)

Happy Birthday my love!!!

Click here to see last year's birthday cupcakes for my daughter,


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