Wednesday, July 10, 2013

May and June Cakes!

A Louboutin heel on a Louis Vuitton cake, there's also an edible Tiffany bracelet and other accessories.
The cake is made for a doctor's promotion as a clinical manager.

This cake had so many details, it took a long time but I was so happy with the results when I finished!

Close up of the Louboutin heel. 

 I was googling around for a pair of  Louboutin heels for reference and fell in love with this pair! 
I'm a sucker with anything with bows, and I thought the turquoise would complement the LV brown really nice.

louis vuitton purse cake with high heels

Close up of the LV pattern, probably the most time consuming part of this cake design.  I used letter tappits to create the LV, the other shapes I had to use circle cutters and exacto knife to cut.

louboutin high heel cake

I found a really helpful gumpasteTiffany bracelet tutorial on youtube. I wanna make this again soon :D 

Panda birthday cake for a panda lover!

The panda is here at our Metro Toronto Zoo right now, I plan to go see them soon, hopefully find time next month :)

girly panda cake pink

divine infant daycare cake

Donated this cake for a Daycare fundraiser.  That's the photo of the daycare up in the corner.

 This is a teacher celebration cake, it was made for someone graduating teacher's college.

A twinkle twinkle little star baby shower cake.

Star Wars Cupcakes!!! R2D2 Cupcakes!

starwars lego han solo cupcake

 Star Wars Cupcakes!!! Star Wars Lego cupcakes!

starwars lego cupcake

Star Wars Cupcakes!!!  Princess Leia Lego Cupcakes!

starwars lego lightsaber cupcake

Star Wars Cupcakes!!! Life Saber Cupcakes!