Thursday, July 25, 2013

Despicable Me Cakes 2!

Here comes the Despicable Me cake frenzy... with Despicable Me 2 out recently, I've been hearing a lot about Despicable Me cakes and Despicable Me birthday parties. I myself watched the sequel recently and now started collecting the Happy Meal toys! They are sooo adorable! 

Anyways, just wanted to post this Despicable Me wedding cake I made 2 years ago.
Now I know why the couple wanted a Despicable Me wedding cake.. after watching the second movie, I'm in love with the minions too!!!

despicable me wedding cake

despicable me minions wedding cake

cute despicable me minions wedding cake

Despicable Me Wedding Cake!!

Btw, that link on the photo is my FLICKR link :) 
Feel free to add me there! I still update it.


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