Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Car Cake! Audi Car Cake :)

Hello! Gotta head to work soon, but here's a quick post of a car cake I made
several weeks ago! It's a black Audi RS4 car cake... car cake is one of my least 
favorite cake design to make:

1. everything must be straight and symmetical, anything slightly off will 
make the car cake look really off.

2. having my boyfriend hovering the kitchen constantly, bugging me about
what I should add or take off or fix, ANNOYING lol.  (I now understand
how he feels when I nag)

audi rs4 cake 

Audi RS4 car cake

audi rs4 fondant cake

These pictures were posted today on my Instagram,
are you following me yet? :) link to my Instgram:

audi car cake

Last pic of the Audi car cake.. okay, have a good day everyone!

Love, Joey


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