Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Facebook Timeline Covers

I'm really into cute stuff, anything cute! I like to change up my iphone case :D, I think I have way too many!

..and just like my cute iphone cases, I like to make Facebook Timeline Covers once in a while to switch up my Facebook page too.  My FB Timeline Covers folder's been growing, so I thought I'd share it with you guys!

and btw, feel free to add me my Facebook page (click on the FB button at the top of this page)!

I'm not the best at photoshop, don't judge me lol.

facebook timeline covers cakes

This is my current timeline cover on my FB page.

facebook timeline covers cakes

I use this during the Mooncake Festival.. September-October ish.

chinese new year cupcakes timeline cover

I made this for a friend's wedding, his wedding was a Chinese New Year theme! I took a pic for a Chinese New Year banner.

cute christmas cupcakes timeline cover

Christmas Cupcakes! I didn't want to crop it.. too many different cupcake designs I wanted to include. Sad I had to cut some off when I uploaded it lol.

garfield cupcakes timeline cover

My Garfield cupcakes!

how to make beautiful cake designs

Spring Flower cupcakes!

draw something cupcakes

When I made birthday cupcakes for my girl, "Draw Something" facebook game was her fave last year.

mickey mouse cupcakes minne mouse cupcakes

Just made this 10 mins ago, it's on my personal Facebook page :)

Give me some ideas for new Timeline Covers!


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