Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tangled cupcakes, Stewie cake, Prada Purse cake... Spiderman cake..!

 More custom fondant cakes! This is what I do at home when I'm not at my day job lol..
I should really get out more, but I love caking too much :)
 prada purse mac make up tiffany cake

Prada purse cake with Tiffany gift box and some eye shadows with NARS nail polish.
Everything is edible!

prada purse mac make up tiffany cake

prada purse mac make up tiffany cake

Close up of the fondant eye shadow make up, I painted them with edible glitter dust.

A wedding cake I made for my friends, fondant purple flowers.  I've never made a 'taditional looking'
wedding cake before, the bride had sent me a pic of a wedding cake she wanted.. and I tried my best
to make it look like the picture. I found this traditional style more challenging than a custom style with characters haha.

 Spiderman cake!

I loved making fondant Stewie as a cake topper! I could've made just one Stewie figurine,
but the person who ordered it have been getting cakes from me for years.. she's just lovely,
she has always encouraged me to keep making cakes :) I had to give her 3 Stewies hehe.

family guy stewie figurine cake

I googled around for different Stewie facial expressions.

2 angry Stewies and had to include one soft side Stewie :)

disney tangled theme cupcakes

Tangled cupcakes! I saw the movie at the theatres (that's a huge deal since I usually stream my movies online haha), it was such a cute movie, I hope I get another Tangled theme cupcake order!