Thursday, May 23, 2013

Michael Kors Bag/Purse Cake! (Michael Kors Cake)

HELLO! Made a fondant Michael Kors bag cake today!

beige michael kors purse cake

beige michael kors purse cake

 thecakinggirl michael kors purse cake

I, myself is a Michael Kors lover as well :)
I remember I made cakes with Michael Kors watch on it 3 times,
by the 3rd time, I fell in love with it and seeing ppl wearing it as well,
I wanted one! I got it last year for my bday/mother'sday/anniversary gift all at once haha.

edible gumpaste michael kors watch

Here's one of the cakes I made with a Michael Kors watch!

edible gumpaste michael kors watch

Don't mind my flickr account link over the pic, I used to be cakesbyjoanna
(until I realized there's so many around the world haha)

edible gumpaste michael kors watch

Okay, that's all, if I make another Michael Kors bag cake again... 
I might just be tempted to buy one :)

BY THE WAY! I update my cake photos onto 
my Instagram, come follow me here!


beige michael kors bag cake


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