Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Fondant Cakes!

Hey everyone! I have a lot of cake pictures to share with you! Here are cake pictures from September to November, and February.  I've been procrasinating with uploading my cake pictures, I blame it on my slow desktop, but it's all done now :) Hope you guys like my creations!

cool basketball theme birthday cake

 A basketball themed cake, the person had asked for the cake to be the jersey, but I've seen a few online before, and was never a fan of that.  The jersey looks thick and unreal.  I decided to add a chalk board instead and have the jersey draped over it.

 airplane and cars cake 

A car and airplane cake for a little boy's first birthday.

Cat in the Hat cake! I love Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess :) The lady wanted a sculpted cake of some sort,
so I sculpted the Cat in the Hat hat and fish bowl and I had an extra slab of rectangular cake so I added the text book at the bottom.  My cakes always turn out way bigger than I originally plan.

 3d sculpted cat in the hat cake

Here's a full view of the Cat in the Hat cake! 

3d sculpted chuggington wilson cake

This is a Chuggington Wilson cake.  It's a train from a kids' tv show.  This cake turned out way bigger than I had planned again lol, this was almost 50 lbs.

pretty pink babyshower belly cake

despicable me cake with all characters

A Despicable Me cake! I was really nervous making this, I never had to mould so many characters before.  It helps when you rewatch the movie before making the characters.  The birthday girl wanted the three girls, Vector, Gru, the fluffy unicorn and a couple of minions.  

edible handmade despicable me figurines

A close up of the girls from Despicable Me movie.

gumpaste despicable me figurines

Vector from Despicable Me, he was a challenge to mould, had to stare at his pic for longer than usual haha.

pretty despicable me cake and cupcakes

Despicable Me cupcakes!

lingerie gift box cake

Lingerie and Gift Box cake ;)

beautiful lion king cake

Lion King Cake with Simba! I had so much fun making this cake! The design was inspired by a cake made by Debbie Does Cakes. 

best lion king simba cake

Here's a side view of the Lion King Cake :)

best babyshower lion king cake

A close up of the Lion King characters and the Lion King silhouette.

michele's baguette cake

I made this for my work's Christmas Party, I no longer work there but was happy to go and see everyone.  They make the best pastries!  That's their famous chocolate almond croissant and coffee!

This is a TreehouseTV cake with three of its popular shows, Mike the Knight, Toopy and Binoo and Cat in the Hat. Jaye is my friend Jeffrey's son, Jeffrey and I were in Gr. 1/2 split class together, it's crazy how we're both parents now :)

A close up of Mike the Knight figurine made out of gumpaste.

chinese moon cake festival cupcakes

Here are some Chinese Moon Cake Festival cupcakes, or Mid-Autumn Festival cupcakes. Whichever you like to call it :)

chinese mid-autumn festival cupcakes

A close up of the 'Jung' cupcake.  It's a popular food tradition during the Moon Cake Festival.

mahjong cupcake

A close up of the Moon Cake cupcake!

motorcycle accident cake

A motorcycle cake.  If you're wondering, this was ordered by Sammy's sister.  Sammy was invovled in a motorcycle accident but luckily walked away with no injuries, however he did damage the bike.  His sister said she's gonna get him a motorcycle cake for his birthday and asked me if I can remake him under his bike lol.

motorcycle accident cake

Close up of motorcycle cake.

paul frank wedding cake

It's a Paul Frank Wedding Cake!!! I love Paul Frank!

Piano Keyboard cake!

Okay, that's all for now.  Joey :)


  1. The paul frank cake is awesome! (and so are all the others actually!)

  2. do you make your own fondant? or you buy a certain brand in the market? is it Satin Ice, the most commonly used fondant by professionals?

    1. i used to make my own fondant, but i stopped doing that. it's never consitent and it can be lumpy sometimes.. it dries so fast, you gotta work super fast.

      i get my supplies from, they make their own brand of fondant, it's called flour confections. i chose it cause it's a good price and i like the feel of it. i tried Satin Ice once, i don't really notice a difference, and they cost more so I stuck with the FC brand.

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