Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Other Job! (With Cake Pix Of Course!)

Hello! It's been a while!

I haven't been updating as often last year cause my old job was really demanding... I didn't have free time to do other stuff or make cakes, I realized I missed out on many things and I missed making cakes, so I started to think about what I can do all over again.... I either get started now or never.

I wanted a full time job, but I didn't have to work so many hours . I need more time for cakes!
 I know what you're thinking, but trust me, a job like this exists lol.

It was around August, I started getting the idea of being a Flight Attendant full time (only work 70-80 hours a month), perfect! If I can fit in a part time supply teaching job for the school board (only two days a week), that would be awesome!  Weekends I can make cakes....

I'd have to see if both jobs are hiring, and apply, and somehow convince them to hire me. It was a long shot.

So, just my luck, in August AC was hiring, I applied and didn't get a call back but I didn't give up, I applied again in September and they called me back!.. I was also lucky to catch the York Region School Board website on a day they posted hiring ads for supply work, normally they'll post it up and within a week they'll have enough submissions and they'll take it down.  I got called in for in person interviews for both places,  after many interviews, a medical test, exams, and training.. 5 months later, I got both jobs!

I passed the AC training and started flying first week of February.
I'll be on the supply list second week of March.

Every thing is coming together! I am so incredibly happy!
 It's kind of crazy how I'm a Flight Attendant now,
 I always knew I wanted to teach, but flying never crossed my mind...
I've flew a few times already, and I love it!

Anyways, here are some pictures from my FA graduation.

I didn't take any cake orders for 2 months so I could focus on training,
I really missed caking so for our graduation, I made our phase a cake!


This cake was what we saw for the entire month of training, a messy desk.

A close up of the sticky notes, says Thank You to our wonderful instructors!


The cake compared to the real manuals.

Me with my cake at grad.

That's my instructor, his girlfriend made the airplane cake!

Our grad night celebration.

I wasn't ready, but the girls look gorgeous here!

I met T at my very first interview! I then saw her at the group interview,
medical test, etc, and we ended up in the same class... we'll be flying together
to Tampa end of March! From day 1 to flying together .

So that's what I've been up to. I have so much free time now, excited to start blogging and caking again!


  1. Wow, your cakes are truly amazing! Do you live in Toronto? If so, where do you get your supplies? I'm finding it difficult to find colours and markers that I can use to paint on fondant (as far as hardening fondant, do you just leave it out on the counter?). I would appreciate any tip you can offer. I'm about to give birth to my first child and would like to make some cupcake toppers for a party we're planning to have within a few days of the birth. Thanks!

    1. hi sophie! sorry for the late reply.. i just learned of my comment option where i can view all new comments lol. sorry sorry sorry! yes i'm from toronto!
      i get my supplies from (mississauga) or (it might be .ca, one or the other :) and it's in pickering), they're a bit of a drive, but the prices are worth it if you buy in bulk. or you can go to bulk barn or michael's art store too!

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