Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fondant Decorating: Cute Christmas Cupcakes!

Hey guys! I've been studying my butt off for exams.. 
(I started a new job, I need to pass the exams before I'm officially hired, wish me luck! :) )
 I took a 2 week break from baking so I could focus my time on studying.
I didn't take on any Christmas cupcake orders this year, but since I haven't posted these
pictures before, thought I'd share my Christmas cupcakes pictures from last year.
The link I put on the pictures is a link to my Flickr account. :) 

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!
 Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Holiday!

Hello Kitty Christmas Cupcakes!

 Hello Kitty Christmas Cupcakes!

 Hello Kitty Christmas Cupcakes! 
Different designs, I made the designs on
photoshop before printing them on edible sugar sheets.

These Hello Kitty Christmas cupcakes were ordered by a guy named Jason,
they were for his girlfriend Tea :)

 Hello Kitty Christmas Cupcakes!

 I googled for random Hello Kitty Winter themed pictures,
and altered the colours on photoshop to red and green.

 I made these cupcakes for my daughter's grade 2 teacher last year, Mrs. Sparks.
She was a wonderful teacher!

I made fondant school supplies and put them onto Christmas tree shaped fondant,
and snow flake shaped fondant.

 Every teacher deserves a "Best Teacher" cupcake!

Here's a picture of all the Teacher Cupcakes together.
Fondant Crayons... fondant erasers, fondant pencils...

Cute Christmas Cupcakes!!!

I got the ideas from random websites I saw online,
here's my version of cute Christmas cupcakes!

Cute reindeer cupcake!

Cute ornament cupcake!

Mitten cupcakes and cute Santa cupcake!

cute Christmas tree cupcake!

Cute snowman cupcake!

That's all for now, 3 more weeks of studying and I'll be hired to my new job!
Cross your fingers for me :) I really want this job, once I'm hired, I can bake on weekends again :)

Update soon, Joanna


  1. i don't know how you manage your time being a mother, a flight attendant and baker/decorator ... you are simply AMAZING... a GENIUS .. i want to envy you because you got it all --- the looks, exceptional talents, a luxurious career and family...BUT my admiration for ALL of your works just made me applaud you with standing O. you're one of a kind and i really hope i could try one of your creations soon. All the best to you and thank you for sharing your expertise to us -- who dreams to even know how to bake a cake from scratch :))

    1. aww, thanks wilma :) sorry for the late reply btw, i didn't know blogger had a comment section i can use to check my comments lol! i'm so stupid aha, i just figured it out now. thank you for this comment, i should make my boyfriend come and read it and show him, "See!I'm not that lazy"! ahah. Thank you again :) you just made my day!