Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spawn Cake! Superhero Cake!

Here it is, a SPAWN CAKE!
Okay, to be honest, I've never watched the movie before... 
I'm not big on action/superhero movies.
(But I do have a thing for Thor... ;) ) 
So I stared at the image of Spawn for quite some time
before I felt confident enough to mold the superhero.
I should have used modelling chocolate,
but I was short on one ingredient and it was late in the night,
so I went ahead and used fondant and gumpaste to mold the figurine.
It took a lot of time, but I thought it turned out really nice :)
This is one of my favourite cakes this year!

This is a before picture of the finished figurine.
I was letting the fondant dry after using the steamer over it.
I still had to add in the details.

 Here is a close up of Spawn.


1 comment:

  1. Superheroes are always the life time love for the life. But it is so hilarious when accidentally you sketch a figure and you don't know what it is then you call him the superhero as it come out after your supervision. I love the decoder cake like this and this one is really beautiful.