Monday, October 8, 2012

More Cake Updates, Thanks to Iphone Apps!

I finally switched over to iphone from blackberry! There's definitely some things that I liked about
the blackberry that the iphone didn't have, but the camera on the iphone made me switch over!

I can finally post my cake pictures RIGHT AWAY, not a few days or weeks after lol.
I've been using Instagram and Snapeee and PicCollage to post my cake pictures :)
I'm trying to hold back on the cute deocrations from Snapeee... it's making my
cake pictures too busy looking, but I'm addicted to the app! 

Here are some of my recent Instagrams and Snapees :)

Girly/Pink Baby Shower Cupcake Tower: cute girly toppers, with pink bows and hearts.
Oh and that's me holding the mini cupcakes :)

Purple Gift Box Lingerie Cake: purple themed, fondant lingerie,
gift box and ribbons and bows.. everything is edible!

White and Purple flower floral Wedding Cake: that's me at the wedding :)
the cake was for a wonderful friend as a gift

A close up on the wedding cake details, combination of fondant
and royal icing pipe work.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake: blue and silver spray paint, baby blocks and a 
pacifier made out of fondant. This cake was so much fun to make.

Owl Wedding Cake Topper: it was a purple and white themed wedding,
a 6 tier wedding cake, I experienced so much trouble with this cake,
but it was worth every second of us, the bride and groom were my wonderful
friends and they loved it! Yay!

 Okay, that's all for now, 
oh and come follow me on Instagram and Snapeee!
My username is TheCakingGirl!


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