Monday, September 10, 2012

Fondant Decorating: Thomas The Train birthday cake video!

Hey everyone! Here's a Thomas the Train Engine birthday cake I made for a little boy name Zahran who
just turned 2 over the weekend! Terrible Twos maybe.. but I think Two is the best age, the cutest!
His mammy said he's a huge Thomas and friends fan of the tv show, so she requested a Thomas the Train
birthday cake for the little boy.  Last year, I made them the Winnie The Pooh cake with a bee hive 
(the mammy allowed me to design however I wanted to), so this year, I wanted to recreate something
that's one of a kind.  She wanted a 3D sculpted cake of Thomas the Train, but that's been done before,
so I added a mountain at the back, and it gave the cake more character, Thomas the Train looks more a live :)
I love it when they give me the free reign in designing, I enjoy doing it more, and there's no
limit to creativity :)

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