Wednesday, July 25, 2012



She turned 8...
every year I make her something for her birthday,
for her first birthday, I made her baby blocks with yarn.
I can't believe that was 8 years ago.

This year, I wanted to make her a cake video,
she thinks it's "cool" mommy knows how to use YouTube lol.
I kinda do. I didn't know what kind of cake to make her,
then her Draw Something obsession started haha. That made it easy.

She plays Draw Something on facebook, she plays Draw Something on the
iphone, she plays Draw Something on the ipad, she plays it every where!!
She is addicted to Draw Something! lol.


Every morning I love asking her,
"How long have you been in my life?"

She'll reply,

And I'll say,
"How long have I been in your life?"

She'll laugh and say,

And I'll say,
"What a coincidence!"

and then we'll both laugh our heads off,
we've been doing this since she was 3 years old,
she still finds it funny.

8 years? Really.. has it been 8 years...
She's growing up way too fast.

Play time!!!

Happy Birthday, I love you so much.


  1. This is so wonderful! I love the story about you saying, "What a coincidence!" Very sweet and made me giggle. Your pictures and cupcakes are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    1. hi dany, sorry, i know this is a year late.. :( but i had no idea i was getting comments lol. i should've spent more time learning how to use blogger lol. sorry SORRY!!!
      thanks for the commenting, i'm glad you liked this post hehe!

  2. Hi,Joanna. I just stop by to say hello.. Find " Kate" on FB. I sent you a friend request:) Oh my. Your daughter's smile is priceless.. like your fun & cute cupcakes,too.. Speak to you soon. xoxo Kate

  3. Gahhh Joanna! This is sooo cute! It melts my heartttt!