Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fondant Cake Decorating: More Cakes!

Here's a quick update of 4 more cake photos!
Grrr.. I have so  many cake photos on my camera, but no time to
upload and watermark them yet.  The day job hours are still really long.

I'll upload more soon!

 Here's a baby bum cake, the cake design was inspired by a onesie that'a already been 
bought for the baby.  Luckily I had similar dinosaur cutters I could use and just slightly modify,
or it would've taken hours to custom cut all the dinosaurs!

This is a birthday cake for a girl with four of the Disney characters.  She wanted the
cake to be colourful so this is what I came up with.  Not too girly :)

This cake was made for Stacey Johnson's new book launch event.  Stacey wanted an edible 
replica of her book on top of the cake, I threw in some other elements.. the collar of her shirt she's wearing
in the book cover, and her name in braids.  She's a hair stylist and author.



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