Saturday, December 3, 2011

A&C's Wedding Cupcake Favors!

I had recently made custom cupcakes as wedding favours for A and C.
The design was inspired by their purple, white and orange colour theme and white flower
decors they had for the wedding.

These were some of the flower decors at their wedding.

These white flowers are made out of fondant.  I used flower cutters of different
sizes and shapes and layered them together.

Some orange flowers.

Some cupcakes had purple hearts with a floral design. 

A&C's wedding favours! 

"I DO" cupcake.

It was also my first time providing clear gift boxes with the cupcakes.

I'm not even exaggerating, it took 2 hours to fold the boxes, 3 hours to measure/cut/tie the ribbons, 
3 hours to put the cupcakes in and ice them, 1 hour to close the boxes and place the tag and ribbon on top.

I underestimated the time and labour for these boxes!
(Thank goodness I had help lol!)
and this is what 300 of them looks like!
(Sorry for the low quality, took it with my phone!)


All boxes folded!

Delivering them to the venue was a mission! This was only half the boxes,
there was also a flight of stairs we had to carry them up before strolling it through the mall
and into the elevator.  

Finally got there! And I have to say.. it was one of the most beautiful wedding venues
I've ever seen! Their decors, flowers.. everything was incredible! Very happy my cupcakes 
got to be a part of it!



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