Friday, December 16, 2011

Fondant Decorating: The Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot Cake!

Hey everyone!

I made a Manitobah Mukluks cake for their POW WOW event last month.
Fittingly held at The Bata Show Museum, the event showcased their new Fall and Winter line.  There was food, an awesome DJ, live performances, drinks, photobooth.. 
and of course.. CAKE!

The event was hosted by Waneek Horn-Miller, a Canadian Olympian.
It was also her birthday so they wanted to surprise her with a Manitobah
Mukluks Storyboot cake. 
Here are some photos from the event:

Host of the event, Olympian Waneek Horn-Miller

 Some of the Mukluks

music by A Tribe Called Red

the POW WOW was held at The Bata Shoe Museum

my date and I :)

Waneek Horn-Miller and I!

They requested for a
Limited Edition 
Annie McKay Mukluks storyboot cake. 

My cake :)    

Side by side

The Storyboots!                                  and the Storyboots cake!

Here's a video, more pictures and the making of the cake:

I got to the party a bit late and they had already cut the cake.
I was really hoping to be there to take pictures of her cutting it.
She went back for a second piece of cake and I asked her if she liked it,
she said it was awesome and how much she loved it,
and I told her I'm glad you do cause I MADE IT! ,
All her friends gave me a high 5 and she gave me a huge hug.
Nothing's more rewarding than seeing ppl's reaction when they see my cakes .

The best part of the day...

I had to take my mom to the doctor's that day scheduled at 3:30pm.  The cake had to be
delivered to downtown by 2:30pm so I just had my mom come with me instead of driving
back and forth. I moved out a few years ago, she knew I started making cakes, but had no
idea what I really do with these cakes I made.  She had only seen maybe.. five of my cakes at most. This was her first time seeing one of my large size custom cakes, and delivering a cake with me.  She came into the museum and asked me why did the museum ask me to make them a cake lol.  She saw the event and  museum ppl's reactions. I think my mom realized my passion for making custom cakes and  told me some very encouraging words after. 

My mom was very proud of me .


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