Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fondant Decorating: Cute Sheep Cupcakes!

Hey guys, I recently made these cute sheep cupcake designs for someone's birthday!

and the design credit goes to:


These were the only tools I used for these fondant cupcakes. I did switch from the big fondant roller to a smaller one mid way though :D

If you're covering half of the cupcake with fondant, a quick way is to cut the circles in half so each circle covers 2 cupcakes. It also saves you a lot of fondant when you roll out the big  green piece to cut circles out of.  Sometimes I need 10 circles and the sheet I rolled out only
fits 9, it's a waste of time to knead the fondant and roll it out again just for an extra circle.

I cut out all the shapes free hand. The exacto knife is a must in any fondant decorating. For squares and cirlces, always use a cookie cutter, but everything else try to do it by freehand, it's what makes your cake design unique and different from everyone else's.

All 12 cupcakes are covered with the base fondant, ready to decorate.

I haven't found a good set of triangle cutters so I cut my own triangles.  You can use an exacto knife, but I like to let the strip of fondant dry for a bit, and I cut it with scissors like it's a piece of  paper.  It's just a lot faster that way for me.

I used a clay extruder to pipe out the 'string' for the happy birthday flag.

The cupcakes are almost done, just need to draw the rest in with the black edible marker!

That's all for now, will update again soon :)



  1. Hi, Today I did this cupcakes for my nephew's birthday. Everybody loves it.
    You had a really great idea!

    Your cupcakes are much better of course, but I am proud of my work too.



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